Top 7 World Wonders To See Before They Vanish Forever

If you’re one of those people that always visualizes your dream vacation but you keep putting it off, saying to yourself it will always be there, think again! Some of the world’s most treasured wonders are actually disappearing before our eyes, so if you wish to actually see them you best book a flight ASAP. These stunning oceans, iconic cities, impressive mountains, and historic landmarks won’t be around forever, due to things like global warming and damage from tourism. So if one of these amazing attractions is on your bucket list, go see it before it’s gone!

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea in the Holy Land of Jordan is known for its extraordinary salt and mineral content, and those that make it to its waters are actually able to float on the surface with no struggle whatsoever. But sadly, it has been shrinking before our eyes for years now. The surface level has been dropping over a meter each year for some time now, and this is mainly due to companies extracting the salt and minerals for their beauty products. Sure, a face mask with salt directly from the Dead Sea will make your skin glow, but is it really worth losing this natural wonder?

Venice, Italy

Often referred to as the “Floating City,” Venice is one of Europe’s most treasured attractions in the Adriatic. But due to global warming and climate change, the rising sea levels have become a problem for Venice. The increase in water levels over time will eventually submerge all of Venice’s stunning architecture, deeming it inaccessible to tourists and locals alike. It may not be for another hundred years or so, but see Venice while you still can!

Great Barrier Reef

SCUBA divers and ocean conservationists around the world cry tears over what is happening to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Once famous for its stunning coral reefs stretching a distance over 2,300 kilometers, it’s now becoming more famous for the fact that a good majority of these reefs are dying. Due to increased water temperatures, irresponsible tourist practices, and pollution more than 25% of the corals found on the Great Barrier Reef are dead. So if you’re a certified SCUBA diver or wish to be one, book your flight to Australia.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Although the actual mountain of Kilimanjaro is not disappearing, the famous ice caps of the stunning landmark in Tanzanian are disappearing before our eyes. Going from a scorching African safari to scaling a snow capped mountain side is an amazing experience, but since about 80% of Kilimanjaro’s snow has melted, this will soon no longer be possible in Tanzania with the years to come.

The Great Wall of China

It’s hard to believe that the 2,000 kilometer wall built to defend China’s people is slowly degrading, but the once “great wall” will not be great forever. Locals have actually been taking stones from the wall as building materials, and almost one third of the Great Wall’s original stones are actually gone. The government has trouble monitoring this, because of the huge distance the wall spans, but if this does not stop China’s main attraction will soon be gone.