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Celebrities that wear Liquid Metal

Liquid Metal

Liquid Metal Jewelry, the brain child of designer Sergio Gutierrez, a luxurious line of mesh jewelry made of soldered ball chain that has unique pieces that compliment both casual and formal attire. It’s jewelry like you’ve never seen it before. The collection includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings and fashion ring


The jewelry is made of a mesh, silk like ball chain metal with beautiful designs. There       are several different styles to coose from, whether you want something that can be worn daily, or for special occasions, there is a perfect piece for everyone.

These bracelets are so unique and the styles are interchangeable. Some have referred to these bracelets as an “extension of their arm,” because the bracelets are so comfortable.

Like the bracelets, the Liquid Metal necklaces are beautiful pieces of fine jewelry that can be worn with many styles. There are various styles of the necklace, and they are all made of the ball chain metal that provides comfort, style and elegance.

The earrings are just as dazzling, and come in an array of styles. From your simple diamond-shaped Liquid Metal signature styles to the elegant chandelier style, there are many earrings to choose from. The lightweight, yet durable, material provides the comfort while wearing the earrings.

The rings are stretchy mesh, ball chain metal that are slightly interchangeable, and come in different sizes. The rings can easily  be adjusted for a perfect fit.

Celebrities such as Demi Moore, Tyra Banks, Tony Braxton can and many more can be found wearing Sergio Gutierrez’ Liquid Metal Jewelry designs.

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