Make Your Weekend More Meaningful By Doing These 5 Things

It’s understandable when all you want to do during the weekend is sleep, especially after a stressful week of work. Many of us view the weekend as our only opportunity to sleep in until noon and order take out for every meal. But this behavior is actually what causes our weeks to drag on, and maybe makes you feel like you’re lacking in energy most of the time. It may seem crazy to set an alarm on a Saturday morning, especially when your bed seems to be calling to you, but shockingly enough there are much better ways to spend your time. By incorporating these 5 things into your weekend routine, you’ll actually make those two days much more meaningful, and overall have a much more enjoyable week.

Plan ahead. The main reason for laziness throughout a weekend is a lack of planning ahead. It’s easy to pass your time doing nothing when you have no plans, so make an effort to schedule plans ahead of time so you’re more likely to actually get things accomplished. Whether you have plans to be productive and get that much needed spring cleaning done, or you have more exciting plans to go out to dinner and a movie with your friend group, you’re much more likely to actually do these things if you’re held accountable. So make a to-do list before the weekend even starts, or call your favorite restaurant to make dinner reservations.

Set an alarm. This might be one of the hardest things to do on this list, but do your best not to sleep your weekend days away. Set an alarm for your normal wake up time, or maybe just an hour after you normally rise for the day. It will feel great to spend a morning being productive by going for a run or eating a healthy breakfast, rather than snoozing your time away.

See the people you love. The weekend should be a time to see the people you miss during the week. Make plans with your parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, significant other, and close friends. If you live with family, and see them throughout the week, still do your best to spend some quality time during the weekend. Plan a trip out of town, or just go for brunch on Sunday morning. But seeing the people that make you happy is a sure fire way to make your weekend days more meaningful.

Try something new. It’s a wonderful thing to have hobbies, but don’t get in a rut with the same thing every single weekend. Try something new – go to a fitness class you might not normally be comfortable with, or head out for a hike when you would normally just chill on the couch. Keep your life exciting and spice things up by taking on new interests and hobbies.

Get a good dose of alone time. If you’re constantly surrounded by people throughout the week, which many of us are, spend some quality time to yourself doing something productive. Especially if you work in a customer service position, spending time alone and focusing on self care is crucial. Even just taking a relaxing bubble bath with a glass of white wine can help you unwind from a stressful week surrounded by people.

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